20 Fun Things That Your Family Can Do While School is Closed

Well, a lot has happened in the last few weeks (an understatement, I know), and now many schools are closing across the country.  Most kids are absolutely thrilled with this news, and most parents are now scrambling to find activities to fill this time.  My first reaction at the news was wondering “where can we go”.  And my second thought was, “I guess we really can’t go anywhere”.  So, it’s time to stay home for a while…and have some fun!  Here are 20 super fun things that your family can do while school is closed:

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Visit somewhere virtually.  You can take a virtual tour of many of the top museums around the world, go here for a list.  Dreaming of a theme park visit?  Check out the point of view ride videos on YouTube, and you’ll feel as if you are cruising on Expedition Everest at Disney or riding a broomstick on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Universal Orlando.  Many National Parks have live webcams on their websites…have you ever seen Old Faithful erupt?

Start planning your summer vacation.  Yes, life will return to normal, and your family will be ready to take a road trip.

We can’t spend all summer on vacation, so now is the perfect time for everyone to write their summer bucket list.  You can get some fun ideas here.

Make a photo book of your last vacation.  Photo books are a fantastic way to relive your family’s past adventures.  Our photo books have been flipped through over and over and over.  It’s a project to make a photo book, so let the kids pick the photos and write some captions.  We use Shutterfly to make ours.

Read a book.  Everyone is going to need a little quiet time over the next few weeks, or have the older kids read to the younger kids.

Go for a walk or take a hike on a local trail.  Just because we have to stay home for a while, doesn’t mean we have to stay inside!

stone lake nature walk wisconsin

Kids have to keep learning during this time away from school, so set up some science experiments.  The messier the better?!  You can read my article about science experiment ideas here.  There are plenty of ideas online too.  We use the book “Kitchen Science Lab for Kids“.

Put together a puzzle, play a game.  If the kids are tired of your own games, just swap with a friend.  Our favorite puzzles, are ones we’ve had made from our vacation photos.

Are the adults in your household video game experts?  Do they even know what games kids are playing these days?  Time for the kids to do the teaching and show the adults how it’s done.  I have yet to beat my kids at Mario Kart, but I’ll keep trying.

Write a letter, or draw a picture, and mail it to a friend or relative.  It’s always fun to get something in the mail!

Interview an “older” family member about their past or family history.  Doesn’t every family have someone who is recording the family history?  Now is the perfect time to learn about the good ol’ days.

Bake and decorate a cake.

Check on your neighbor.  Do they need help with anything?  Do they want to swap games?  Or do they want a slice of that fancy cake your family just made?

Cook dinner together.  Try a new recipe, recreate a meal that you ate while on vacation, or order a meal kit.  We’ve been using Every Plate the past few weeks and have been eating pretty darn good.  We pick our meals and then the ingredients and recipes arrive at our doorstep.  The best part is that the kids are doing the cooking!  Here’s my link that offers $20 off your box.

every plate meal kit

Have a “make your own” meal.  Kids are more likely to eat something if they make it!  Try make your own pizzas, burritos, tacos, pancakes, sundaes, burgers, or salads.  And then, “do your own dishes”.

Go camping in your living room.  Set up the tent, or get out the sleeping bags and sleep under the…living room ceiling.

Take a drive down those country roads.  You never know what’s at the end of the road unless you go there.

Paint a picture.  Your fridge could probably use some new decor.

taking a painting class

Watch a classic movie.

Keep learning.  Just because the kids aren’t physically in school, doesn’t mean the learning has to stop.  There are numerous learning resources online.  Check out your school’s website or the local library’s website to start.

I think these 20 activities will help any family make it through the next few weeks and hopefully, when things do return to normal, you’ll still keep having some fun!

Click here for a printable version of the 20 Fun Things That Your Family Can Do While School is Closed

Here are some more fun activities for your family:


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