Science Fun – Sneak a Little Learning into Summer

My kids have a very long summer vacation, 87 days this year!  That is a lot of days off from sitting in the classroom and learning.  Kids need to keep learning every single day, and there are so many ways to learn something new besides sitting in the classroom.  My kids take advantage of day camps, summer school, library reading programs, ranger programs, summer sports, and museum visits….not to mention my favorite way to learn…travel!

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These past few months, we’ve discovered a new way to learn by doing science experiments.  My oldest daughter recently received a book called Kitchen Science Lab for Kids and it is full of fun.  It has 52 family friendly science experiments that can be done around the house.  As soon as the kids opened the book, they started bookmarking all of the experiments that they wanted to do.  I think just about every page in that book is marked!

Science Experiments for kids science fun

This book is full of fun….and learning!

We’ve been working our way through their top picks and have really been having a lot of fun!  The kids love getting everything set up for the experiment, and secretly hope that we’re going to make a huge mess.  I think they’ve seen too many exploding volcano projects.  Both kids are really engaged and excited while performing the experiment and they are always surprised at the results.

About the Book

The layout of the Kitchen Science Lab for Kids book is very easy reading.  Each experiment is laid out over two pages, and you get a materials list, safety tips and hints and step by step instructions.  The science behind the fun is explained, and they also suggest ways to change the experiment to see if the results change.  Of course there are a lot of pictures to help supplement the steps in the instructions.

Science experiment with vinegar and baking soda

Vinegar and baking soda make it easy to blow up balloons!

The book has 12 units that cover a broad range of scientific topics.  There are experiments with chemical reactions, microbiology, botany, acids and bases, physics in motion, crystal creations, and more.  Some of the experiments are for outdoors, but there are plenty to do inside too.  Doing a science experiment can be an easy way to make those rainy days not so boring.

The experiments really work well for all ages.  There are experiments that have only a couple of steps and need very few supplies.  Some experiments involve more steps than others and are good for older kids.  Kids of all ages can help with set up and most of the steps are straight forward and easy to understand.  I have to admit that I’m even learning as we work our way through the experiments.

Science experiment in action

Just a little science project on viscosity. On what?

If you can’t find the Kitchen Science Lab for Kids at your library or local bookstore, just check out another science book and try it out.  I looked online for options and there really are quite a few!  Here’s a direct link to the science experiment books available on Amazon.

We loved the Kitchen Science Lab for Kids book so much, that we bought the Art Lab for Kids book for my oldest.  Both of these books are in the “Lab Series”.  Other books in the Lab Series are about geology, astronomy, painting, animation, math and more. Here’s a link to the series.

The Kitchen Science Lab for Kids will definitely provide a lot of fun for your whole family and you’ll even learn something!  This book is definitely full of firsts….first time I stood on eggs, first time I made rock candy, etc.

science experiment with raw eggs

She’s amazed that none of the raw eggs are cracking, but she probably wishes they would just for the mess!

You have no idea how many times I’ve been asked “Mama, can we stand on eggs tonight?”  All in the name of science right?

Science experiments are an easy way to sneak a little learning into some family fun!

Science Fun for kids


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