A Pretty Big First!

Well, this is quite a first.  The FIRST post on my blog!  Wow!  Time for the fun to begin!  I am so excited to share my and my family’s first experiences in food, travel, and family fun.  I’ll be sharing the good, the bad, and the firsts that will not be turning into seconds.

I hope to use this blog to encourage others to live a fuller life by experiencing more firsts.  We need to stop putting things off and enjoy our lives now!  It’s so important to break routine and do something new.  Firsts don’t have to be big events or something that scares us.  We’re not going to be skydiving or swimming with sharks anytime soon.  A first can be something simple, such as, trying a new food, visiting a new city, or playing a new game with the kids.

Each week, I’ll be posting about our first experiences in food, travel, and family fun.  You’ll be able to read about our latest travels, and plan to get some great ideas for your own adventures.  I’ll also start a weekly food themed challenge.  It’s time to find out what delicious eats we are missing out on!  Plus, all too soon, school will be out for the summer…and we all need some fun ideas to keep everyone happy, right?

Now, let’s get started!

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