Mall of America – A Family Dining Guide to the Top 13 Foods That You Can’t Miss

You know that there are a lot of stores at the Mall of America, and by a lot, I mean around 520.  You can also probably guess that there are a lot of restaurants too.  Well, the last time I checked, there were 100 restaurants listed in the Mall of America’s dining guide.  This outrageous number of restaurants includes not just sit down restaurants, but also coffee shops, fast food, and those fun places that sell something sweet.  That is a lot of food choices, and the perfect time to try something new.

There are so many unique places to grab something to eat at the Mall of America, you may just forget about the shopping that you were planning to do.  Or, you may just get overwhelmed by the choices and head to the nearest fast food restaurant that you’ve been going to on auto pilot for years.  Either way, you need a little experienced guidance on all the fun food that you can eat at this ultimate shopping destination.

Here is your help….a fun family dining guide to the top spots to eat at the Mall of America and 13 foods you have to try!

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1.   A Battle of the Fried Chicken – Popeye’s, Chick-fil-A, and Chicken Guy (opening soon) – These are the top spots for fried chicken, but which one is the best?  Sample them all and pick your family’s favorite.  Just remember that Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays.  Locations: Chick-fil-A 354 Central Parkway, Popeye’s 391 South Ave., Chicken Guy North Garden.

where to eat chicken mall of america chick fil a

Chicken dinner!

2.  State fair cheese curds from Twin City Grill – Have you heard about the “great Minnesota get together”, aka the state fair?  If so, you’ve probably heard about the delicious can’t miss cheese curds that are pretty popular there.  You can avoid the state fair crowds and order them up right here at the Mall of America.  The cheese curds are served with ranch dressing and cost $8.95.  They are delicious!

The kids menu at Twin City Grill is one of the best in the mall with 10 entrees to choose from (including filet mignon!).  Kids meal prices range from $9-$14.  You can check out all of their menus on their website here.  Located at 130 North Garden.

twin city grill mall of america

3. A grilled cheese sandwich and Nutella shake from Melt Shop – This is a quick lunch that the whole family is going to love!  The bread is toasted just right, there is more than enough melty cheese, and the shake is thick and absolutely delicious!  The sandwich and shake cost just under $5 each.  Located at 322 Central Parkway.  Unfortunately, Melt Shop has closed.

where to eat mall of america melt shop

Comfort food!

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4. A shake from Shake Shack – As long as we were talking about shakes, you can’t miss grabbing a Shake Shack shake for a sweet treat.  Top flavors are hot fudge, black and white, and cookies and cream.  Yum!  Located at 322 Central Parkway.

shake shack mall of america

5. The Our Burger from Wahlburger’s – This grilled 1/3 pound burger will be a mess to eat, but it’s worth the extra napkins.  Plus, it’s topped with government cheese! Seriously!  Their menu includes sloppy joes, homemade macaroni salad, and a Thanksgiving turkey burger.  The sweet potato tots and the thin crispy onion rings are the top sides.  Located at 234 North Garden.

best burgers at mall of america

6. A flight of cookie dough from Dough Dough – Yes, you can buy anything at the Mall of America!  There are no fights about who gets to lick the spoon here, everyone can pick their favorite.  Ask for a sample first…just to be sure!  The monster cookie dough is always a favorite!  Located at 372 East Broadway.

cookie dough mall of america

7. Crepes from Sugar FactorySugar Factory is the latest restaurant to arrive on the scene at the Mall of America, and they have made a sweet impression.  There aren’t a lot of options for a sit down breakfast at the mall, besides the hotel restaurants, but Sugar Factory serves brunch items until 4:00 pm.  They are known for their sweets, so your family will be in for a sweet breakfast!

The Nutella crepes and Banana Split crepes are a delicious way to start your day of shopping.  They also offer some savory breakfast items, and don’t miss one of their decadent coffee drinks, or an over the top milkshake.  They open at 10:00 am on the weekends.  Located at 339 South Avenue.

sugar factory mall of america

Banana Split Crepes

8. Fresh donuts from Duck Donuts – Fresh is an understatement here, your donuts will be fried, frosted, and topped right before your eyes!  Everyone starts with a vanilla cake donut, but the topping and frosting combinations are endless!  Everyone can customize their own donut, so order a favorite flavor or try something new.  These donuts are handed over to you still piping hot, so be prepared to have some greasy fingers.

duck donuts mall of america

Made to order donuts! Yum!

9. A very vanilla macaron from Macarons by Maddie Lu – The very vanilla macarons are almost too pretty to eat, actually all of the macarons are a sight to behold.  The colors are bright and the flavors are delicious!  Order a six pack so you can have a treat for later!  Other favorite flavors are caramel espresso and lemon poppy seed.  Located at 166 West Market.

macarons mall of america

10. Pepperoni Piada stick from Piada – Better than pizza, and more fun to eat! This is a fast lunch that anyone would love, and costs less than $3!  While this restaurant has other locations that you may have visited, we love how their menu is a little bit different and healthy too!  Located at 326 North Garden.

Piada mall of america

Italian street food!

11.  A Buckeye cookie from Baking Betty’s – This is the only place your family needs to go for cookies!  Everything is so so so good!  The Buckeye is a chocolate cookie filled with peanut butter and topped with chocolate.  Other unique cookies include s’mores, pugchow, and creme brulee.  This is the perfect snack for the car ride home…  Located at 392 West Market.

Baking Bettys Cookies

12. and 13. Kids Choice – shrimpkens and a volcano from Rainforest Cafe – A meal at the Rainforest Cafe is an experience no matter what you eat!  The rainforest decor, animals, and periodic thunderstorms are pretty crazy!  There are quite a few options on the kid’s menu, and an order of shrimpkens will get your kids some popcorn shrimp and dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets.  Volcano’s are a fun dessert for the whole table to share, and their delivery is quite a production.  Located at 306 South Avenue.


rainforest cafe mall of america


Try one, or try them all.  These 13 foods will make your family’s trip to the Mall of America even more memorable!

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