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BBQ Cheeseburger

The Hamburger Challenge – A Food First Before Friday

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend and ate some hamburgers!  We went out to eat at a new hamburger place (Milwaukee Burger Company) and ate some delicious, juicy burgers and giant cheese curds.  This was the first time I had to eat a hamburger with a knife and fork because it was that messy. (This post contains affiliate…

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A Food First Before Friday – The Cheese Challenge

So, last Friday I challenged you to try a new kind of cheese this week.  This was probably an easy challenge since there are so many different kinds of cheese available.  I’ll admit, by living in Wisconsin, I probably have a few more choices than the rest of you. The hard part for me was, I’ve already tried a lot…

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Cinnamon Roll Crunch

A Food First Before Friday – The Cereal Challenge

We eat a lot of breakfast cereal in our family, especially for a snack.  It seems like every time I roam the cereal aisle at the grocery store, there are always new varieties.  We tried two new kinds this week, admittedly they weren’t healthy but they were fun. We love Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies, so I couldn’t resist buying…

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A Food First Before Friday – the Vegetable Challenge

Jicama.  My 11 year old picked Jicama to be our new vegetable to try this week.  Jicama is a scary looking root vegetable.  It’s one of those vegetables that you really aren’t sure how to cut into. So, we cheated and bought a package of already cut up jicama at Trader Joe’s.  This package cost $2.69 and was in the…

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A Food First Before Friday – the Potato Chip Challenge

Last week’s potato chip challenge was a good one!  We sampled two new kinds of potato chips, and have three more bags that are waiting to be opened.  The kids have definitely been more excited about dinner time these last few weeks since starting the challenges. The first bag of chips we opened were White Cheddar Poppables by Lay’s.  These…

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A Food First Before Friday – the Fruit Challenge

We needed to eat healthier this last week, so we actually tried three new fruits.  It has been a lot of fun for us to keep trying all of these new foods!  The fruit we sampled were starfruit, honey tangerine, and red pummelo. The pummelo was a run away favorite!  Very similar to grapefruit, but it was sweet!  It had…

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A Food First Before Friday – the Ice Cream Challenge

How hard was it to try a new flavor of ice cream?  Not very, right?  At our house, we tried Caribou Coffee java chunk and maple nut.  The kids haven’t had maple nut ice cream before, and since we are in the middle of producing our first batch of maple syrup, they had to try it.   I love coffee,…

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A Food First Before Friday

Incorporating new experiences into your life doesn’t have to be a big event, in fact, it can be a simple first that can change your week.  The main thing is to just try something new!  So, I am starting a weekly challenge to try one new food by next Friday.  Yes, just one new food a week.  But just think,…

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