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Cook the Cover Rachael Ray Every Day

Cook the Cover – How Rachael Ray Made Me Hate Baking

So after doing a pretty darn good job cooking the cover of Bon Appetit, I declared my next cook the cover to be the June issue of Rachael Ray Every Day.  I knew that whatever dish was on the cover, it was going to be full of flavor and yum-o.    The June issue arrived, and being a sweet-lover, I…

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Pumpkin muffins with raisins

The Muffin Challenge – A Food First Before Friday

I love muffins!  My favorite muffin is banana with chocolate chips and pecans.  Pair it with a cup of strong coffee, and I have the perfect breakfast!  My other favorites are wild blueberry muffins with crumb topping, and a warm oatmeal cranberry pecan muffin.  The recipe for the oatmeal cranberry muffin is in my favorite muffin cookbook (affiliate link) Muffins A…

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Homemade Nacho Chips

Potato Chips & Tortilla Chips – Try It Homemade

What do you do when you want something salty to snack on?  You probably open up a bag of chips and start munching.  Do those potato chips taste like a potato?  How about the flavor of those tortilla chips?  Any resemblance to cardboard?  Do you know how easy it really is to make your own homemade chips?  Well, it’s part…

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A Food First Before Friday – the Potato Chip Challenge

Last week’s potato chip challenge was a good one!  We sampled two new kinds of potato chips, and have three more bags that are waiting to be opened.  The kids have definitely been more excited about dinner time these last few weeks since starting the challenges. The first bag of chips we opened were White Cheddar Poppables by Lay’s.  These…

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