Oh, the Places We’ll Go…Where We Are Traveling to in 2017

I don’t know how many times we have said that we want to go to Alaska, BUT the trip just wasn’t happening.  So after we got home from Colorado last summer, my husband said something (again) about going to Alaska.  Well, what were we waiting for?  I started to make some plans, calculated the costs (both miles, points, and cold hard cash), and we nailed down some dates.  So we are going!  Alot of our trip is booked, minus a few excursions, and what a task planning this trip was!  Stay tuned for future posts on planning a family trip to this vast state.

As soon as school gets out for the summer, we are heading to Wisconsin Dells for a quick getaway.  We live in Wisconsin, but have never been to a waterpark in the Dells.  What is wrong with us?!  We are going to check out Wilderness Resort and will be reporting back to you!

Every summer we’ve been taking a major roadtrip to Colorado.  It’s a family vacation with my parents and aunts too.  We do a lot of hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, eat a lot of good food, and do a little bit of shopping.  It’s so beautiful in the mountains, that our week in Colorado is the highlight of our year.

On the way to Mills Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

This winter we are going to check out a new part of Florida.  I’m eyeing the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and their new waterpark.  I think we can handle a few days there.  We will also spend some time in the Tampa area.

We love the ocean!

I have a quick trip planned to a major city on the East coast during school break this fall.  I haven’t told the kids yet, so I don’t think it’s fair to tell you!

We will make our usual trips to the Twin Cities area, the Mall of America, and plan to do a lot of camping this summer.

Hanging out in the lobby of the Radisson Blu Mall of America

That’s all that is in the works!  Hopefully we can fit in some last minute fun!  Where is everyone else going in 2017?


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