About Me

Hello and welcome to That Was a First!  Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope you are inspired to add some new experiences into your life!

Since you are wondering who I am….here’s the who, what, where, when and why:

Who is Having All of This Fun?

My name is Vicki and I am a travel blogger from Wisconsin.  A vacation is always on my mind, and if I’m not on a vacation, I’m busy planning one.  My favorite travel destinations are Rocky Mountain National Park and Maui, Hawaii.  Of course, a big part of our travels and everyday life is FOOD.  My favorites are cheese, coffee, anything barbecue, and peanut butter MM’s.

My two daughters are ages seventeen and fourteen, and have a lifetime full of firsts ahead of them.  They love to travel, whether it’s to the mountains, ocean, a major city, or a theme park.  Their favorite destinations are Atlantis in the Bahamas, Iceland, Chicago, and Rocky Mountain National Park

They aren’t quite as adventurous when it comes to food.  They love their chicken and mac n’ cheese. They are, at least, willing to try something new and are slowly finding new favorites.

My husband, is along for the ride whenever possible.  He loves the mountains just as much as the ocean!  BBQ and beer are his favorites!

We also travel with family and friends, usually once or twice a year.  The more the merrier right?

What is That Was a First?

That Was a First is your go-to website for travel information, ideas for family fun, and to find out what kind of delicious food you are missing out on.  You’ll get ideas on how to add some fun to your everyday life and you’ll be reminded to not put that fun off for another day.

You will get travel tips and information about destinations across the country.  You’ll learn about the Midwest, and why you should plan your next vacation to visit here!

Where are We?  Where are We Going?  Where Have We Been?

We live in a small town in Wisconsin, in an area that most people travel to on their own vacation.  A lot of our own travels are across the Midwest.  We take a lot of quick trips to the Twin Cities, Duluth and North Shore of Lake Superior, Chicago, and all across Wisconsin.  I find that the more we travel, the more we appreciate home sweet home.

Each year, I’ll post what our travel plans are for the year or recap where we’ve been.  Have you been there already?  Give us some tips, insider information and ideas in the comments!

Follow along in our Travel Category to find out where we have been!

When You’ll be Hearing From Me

Here’s when I’ll be posting, and what:

I’ll be posting a few times a month about travel and family fun.  You’ll read about travel destinations in the Upper Midwest and across the country, what places your family can’t miss, and where to eat while traveling.  I’ll post ideas of how to add some family fun to your everyday lives, and also where to have some fun when you are on vacation.  I’ll post detailed travel information, travel tips, and what should prove to be some inspiration to get your own family on their best vacation ever!


This blog was created to inspire and encourage families to incorporate more first time experiences into their everyday lives.  It was becoming far too easy for us to say “maybe next time we’ll do that” or “someday we’ll go there”, but next time and someday just weren’t happening.  I decided to make an effort to add firsts into our everyday lives and to stop waiting for someday.

Life’s short, live it!



Please join us as we try new foods, travel to new destinations, and have a lot of FUN!