Greek Food – A Food First Before Friday

Did anyone take a little trip to Greece this last week?  I hope your family tried and loved something new!  I attempted  to eat a little bit healthier this week, Mediterranean style.  During my last trip to the grocery store, I picked up some red and yellow bell peppers, spinach, feta, tomatoes and arugula.  Colorful salads tossed with homemade vinaigrette dressing were my go to lunch this week.

Greek Salad Food First Before Friday challenge

The more deeper colors, the healthier!

I also had some Greek food that I bought at Trader Joe’s on hand for us to try, but we haven’t had the chance.  Trader Joe’s is a very reasonably priced store to go to for ethnic foods.  They have just a little bit of everything and the inventory is always changing.  I picked up some Greek olives and Spanikopita.

Greek Olives and Spanakopita from Trader Joes

Just a sample of the Greek food available at Trader Joe’s.

Introducing various ethnic foods to your family is a fun way to get them to experience new food and it’s always just a little bit more fun at the dinner table when everyone is tasting something for the first time.

Why we do the Food First Before Friday Challenge

Incorporating new experiences into your life doesn’t have to be a big event, in fact, it can be a simple first that can change your week.  The main thing is to just try something new!  So, I am doing a weekly challenge to try one new food by next Friday.  Yes, just one new food a week.  But just think, after one year, you’ll have experienced 52 new foods that you probably wouldn’t have even tried without this challenge!  Each Friday, I’ll post the challenge and the results from the prior week.

Next Week’s Challenge

It was so cold in Wisconsin today!  The temperature only reached 59 degrees, and it’s July!  Since I had to drink a hot cup of cappuccino tonight to stay warm, I’m thinking that it’s time to try a new drink at the coffee shop.  Whether you go for hot or iced coffee, tea, juice, smoothies, or a grande mocha iced frappuccino, try something new this week.  The kids might like an Italian soda with a different flavor added or have they had the latest smoothie flavor?  Don’t have a favorite coffee shop?  Then try that new one on the corner or head to the grocery store and get the goods to make your own drinks!




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