Pizza – A Food First Before Friday Challenge

Do you know of anyone who doesn’t like pizza?  I sure don’t.  The problem is people usually order the same kind of pizza over and over again.  Our family favors sausage, pepperoni, and onion on a thin crust.

What are we missing out on?  Read the menu at your local pizza place or browse the frozen pizzas at the store and you’ll be surprised at all the different varieties of pizza that are sold.

I’ve been seeing more and more extra spicy pizzas.  Taco is popular, jalapeno and pepperoni is on the shelf, and spicy sausage is showing up on a lot of pizza menus.

Pizza sauce is no longer just tomato sauce.  There’s white sauce, pesto, ricotta, bbq sauce and taco sauce that now cover pizza crust.

Of course if you make your own, the flavor combinations are endless.

This week we tried a deep dish Chicago style pizza at a new restaurant.  Guess what our toppings were.  Yep, sausage, pepperoni and onion.  I guess we didn’t do very good at trying new flavors.  The pizza was delicious though!


Deep dish pizza

Deep dish Chicago style pizza, so good and extra cheesy!

Next time, we’ll try a different kind of pizza.  I promise!

Why we do the Food First Before Friday Challenge

Incorporating new experiences into your life doesn’t have to be a big event, in fact, it can be a simple first that can change your week.  The main thing is to just try something new!  So, I am doing a weekly challenge to try one new food by next Friday.  Yes, just one new food a week.  But just think, after one year, you’ll have experienced 52 new foods that you probably wouldn’t have even tried without this challenge!  Each Friday, I’ll post the challenge and the results from the prior week.

Next Week’s Challenge

I have a few new candy bars sitting in my kitchen right now.  These are from Canada, so not any kind we’ll see in the local grocery store.  So, this next holiday weekend, try a new candy bar.  Or share one of your favorites from when you were a kid, with your own kids.

Don’t you wish all challenges were as easy as this one?  Seriously, you must eat candy!

What’s the most unusual pizza you’ve ever eaten?  Let me know!


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