Cookies! – A Food First Before Friday

We love cookies in our family!  Especially warm cookies straight from the oven.  We have our favorites of chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and peanut butter.  Those are probably the top three homemade cookies that all families bake together.  So, hopefully you accepted this last week’s challenge and tried something new. (This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.  Read my disclosure policy here.)

I had two new kinds of cookies bookmarked in one of my go-to cookbooks, America’s Test Kitchen New Family Cookbook.  We tried Vanilla Ice Box Cookies and Coffee Toffee Cookies.  The Ice Box Cookies are a slice and bake recipe, so the extra roll of cookie dough is in the freezer for the next time we crave homemade cookies.

The coffee toffee cookies were soft and chewy.  They were perfect with a cup of coffee.  Even the kids liked them.

vanilla ice box cookies and coffee toffee cookies

Vanilla Ice Box Cookies + Coffee Toffee Cookies = A Vanilla Latte

We shop at Trader Joe’s once every couple of months (we live two hours away) and always find different cookies to buy.  They seemed to have a few new kinds the last time we were there.  Here’s what I bought:

Trader Joe's cookies

New (to us) cookies from Trader Joe’s!

They are all pretty tasty and convenient to bring along camping.  We head to Trader Joe’s in a couple of days and I can’t wait to see what else is new!

My seven year old spotted the Firecracker Oreo’s in the grocery store the other day, and had to have them.  These cookies are very cool!  The filling has pop rocks in it so the cookies pop and crackle as you eat them.  Very fun!

Firecracker oreos

These are so fun!

Why we do the Food First Before Friday Challenge

Incorporating new experiences into your life doesn’t have to be a big event, in fact, it can be a simple first that can change your week.  The main thing is to just try something new!  So, I am doing a weekly challenge to try one new food by next Friday.  Yes, just one new food a week.  But just think, after one year, you’ll have experienced 52 new foods that you probably wouldn’t have even tried without this challenge!  Each Friday, I’ll post the challenge and the results from the prior week.

Next Week’s Challenge

Pizza is one of my favorite foods and I need to find some new kinds to try, so pizza is next week’s challenge.  Bake your own, find a new kind in the grocery store, or order delivery from somewhere new.  It should be pretty easy to try some new toppings on your next pie.  Maybe give those anchovies a chance?

What kind of cookies did you try last week?  Anything unusual, but good?


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