Food Firsts – What’s New in the Grocery Store for Summer 2017

It’s finally summer, and that means there’s a new batch of fun summertime foods in the grocery stores!  I walked through four stores this past week, and here are some of the new foods that I found. (This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.  Read my full disclosure policy here.)


The regular Belvita biscuits are a great breakfast, and I think the Belvita Protein biscuits will be great to have on hand for a busy mom or dad.  Check out all of the available flavors here.


These Ocean Spray Mocktails sound light and refreshing!  I can’t wait to try the Cranberry Sangria!

Salad Dressings and Sauces:

Kraft has a new line of dressings out.  There’s also a roasted red pepper vinaigrette and a parmesan pesto flavor.  These sound perfect for a light lettuce salad or a pasta salad filled with fresh vegetables.


Our family loves everything by King’s Hawaiian!  You can view their variety of products here.  The bread is the best!

Cookies and Chips:

The Simply Made product line from Keebler is a great addition to the snack aisle.  They’re getting closer to homemade!

The Lay’s BLT chips are very good!  They were our snack while camping over Memorial Day.  The kids couldn’t pass up the Oreo dirt cups, and we’ll have them soon.

Perfect Frozen Treats for Summer:

Nothing says summertime like ice cream and popsicles.  There are a lot of new flavors that I can’t wait to try!

Maybe you’ll want to try one of these flavors for your next ice cream challenge!

MMMM..the Bunny Snacks are delicious!  They are a perfect size for a treat!


I had to add this picture of the dragonfruit…they are so pretty!  We didn’t buy one because they were priced at $12 per pound!  I’m sure we will try this for our next new fruit challenge!

Did you find something you and your family can’t wait to try?  Try a new snack while on your next trip to the beach or on your next picnic.  Have a tasty summer!

It's summer, and that means a ton of new food options are hitting the grocery store shelves! New flavors of ice cream, popsicles, drinks, snacks and more! Here's what's new in the grocery stores for summer.

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