Dinner – A Food First by Friday

So, what was for dinner this week?  Did anyone try any new picnic foods over the holiday weekend?  Our household had a few new dinners this past week for the food first by Friday challenge.  One new dinner was pepperoni pizza pasta.  It was very good and one of the recipes from the meal plan that we follow.  A second dinner from the meal plan was zesty seasoned chicken made in the crockpot.  This dinner made the house smell so good all day long.

Unfortunately I wasn’t doing very good at taking pictures of our dinner this week and only took a pic of last night’s oven pancake.  We’ve had oven pancakes before, but maybe many of you haven’t?  There are only a few ingredients to make and they make a very dramatic presentation.  Oven pancakes are a favorite of my kids and one of the reasons that we like to have breakfast for dinner.

dinner firsts

Pick your topping for the oven pancake! Favorites in our home are syrup and powdered sugar.

Why we do the Food First Before Friday Challenge

Incorporating new experiences into your life doesn’t have to be a big event, in fact, it can be a simple first that can change your week.  The main thing is to just try something new!  So, I am doing a weekly challenge to try one new food by next Friday.  Yes, just one new food a week.  But just think, after one year, you’ll have experienced 52 new foods that you probably wouldn’t have even tried without this challenge!  Each Friday, I’ll post the challenge and the results from the prior week.

Next Week’s Challenge

I was in a new grocery store last week and noticed a lot of new and different breads while walking down the aisle.  Let’s buy a new kind of bread this week, or make some homemade.  I’ll wander the bread aisle tonight and pick out a few new ones.

What’s your favorite dinner?

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